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PHASE ONE - 12 MONTHS  (Year 1)

This start up phase will focus on initial website build/testing along with ongoing content procurement through development, original production, acquisitions and user generated material, (e.g. contests, challenges, castings, story submissions, etc). The goal being, to provide an engaging experience through multiple content offerings that cover a wide range within the horror genre within a single destination. In addition, scalable marketing strategies and ad campaigns will increase brand awareness, audience reach as viewership grows. Opportunities to collaborate with similar genre ventures through affiliate relationships such as film festivals, websites, horror conventions, influencers, etc. will help increase exposure and trigger higher valuations for third party ad sales. 

Subscriber goal one year after website launch: 50,000 -  ($2.99/mo = $1,794,000/yr)

PHASE TWO - 12 MONTHS  (Year2)

Completion of 'Black Veil' Season 1 - original series, along with several other in-house content offerings such as, TremorTalk, Shorts Contest, '20 Seconds to Live', Filmmaker Screenings, 'Classic Carnage', among other premium content. Online auditions, writer's rooms, behind-the-scenes, filmmaker/actor interviews, convention coverage, will also fill out the offerings throughout the year on the free content side with an emphasis on audience engagement and interaction. Affiliate relationships will be established and monetized with participating online partners along with ongoing sponsorships and product placement opportunities. Online social media presence will be enhanced and elevated with the establishment of dedicated channels and exclusives. At the end this second phase, TremorTV News will be launched. 

Subscriber goal at the end of year two: 100,000 -  ($2.99/mo = $3,588,000/yr)

PHASE THREE - 12 MONTHS  (Year 3) 

Several original content series underway; 'Black Veil' season 2, 'Lost in Ybor', 'Best Haunted Attractions',  'Project Black Light', etc. Content output deals with other affiliates and/or studios will be established. Celebrity outreach for interviews, guest spots in shows, promotions etc. will also be activated as our brand continues to expand. Exclusive merchandising and live events, (e.g. 'Black Veil' Vodka, concerts, red carpet events, TremorTV sponsorships) will ramp up along with audience growth to promote brand awareness and subscriber growth.

Subscriber goal at the end of year three: 200,000 -  ($2.99/mo = $7,176,000/yr)
NOTE: These subscription numbers do not include other revenue sources such as, direct ad sales, merchandise, PPV events, crowd funding programs, NFT auctions, product placement, affiliates and third party platform ad streams. Breakdown of these revenue projections, goals and outgoing net costs can be provided upon request. 
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