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TremorTV - Interviews

Filmmaker and TremorTV CEO, Dan Myrick, best known for his groundbreaking work on "The Blair Witch Project", talks one-on-one with fellow horror/thriller filmmakers about their process, the business and everything in between. 

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EPISODE 1 - Kays Al-Atrakchi

Composer/Filmmaker Kays Al-Atrakchi goes in depth about composing for films, during your own VFX and getting into the hear of DIY independent cinema. 

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EPISODE 2 - Ben Rock

Writer/Director Ben Rock, also known for being the Production Designer on 'The Blair Witch Project' talks about his days on Blair and what projects, namely '20 Seconds to Live', he's been doing since.

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EPISODE 3 - Danny McBride

Writer of the 'Underworld' series, Danny McBride steps into the indie directing ring with his new venture. A wealth of inside information about how writers work within the studio system. 

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EPISODE 4 - Mike Monello

Producer and CEO of Campfire Media, Mike Monello is an award winning marketing consultant and commercial producer best known for his ground breaking viral campaigns. 

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EPISODE 5 - Bobby Roe

Independent writer/director Bobby Roe, ('The Houses October Built' 1 and 2) goes into his process regarding his found footage projects that push the limits of traditional filmmaking techniques. 

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EPISODE 6 - Jonathan Tierston

Actor/musician Jonathan Tierston best know for playing 'Ricky' in 'Sleepaway Camp' talks about his experiences on the film and his subsequent work in Hollywood. 

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Upcoming Episodes

Jeffrey Reddick - Writer - "Final Destination", "Don't Look Back"
Joshua Leonard - Actor/Director "The Blair Witch Project", "Unsane", "Fully Realized Humans"
David Simkins - Writer - "Adventures in Babysitting", "Charmed", "Grimm"
Tiffany Shepis - Actress - "Sharknado II", "Uploaded"
Jackie Tepper - Producer - "Dances with Films Film Festival"

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